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Ünvan: Bakı ş., Ziya Bünyadov prospekti Dərnəgül, Baksol yolu ASPİPE


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Pre-assembled componentsSpider content


  • Greenhouses and nurseries irrigation.
  • Ornamental plants.


  • All-in-one stand assembly reduce labor time and cost.
  • Innovative assembly technologies improve assembly efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Reliability, the products are installed under strict supervision of experts.
  • All Spiders components were designed and produced under the same quality standards identifying all the Netafim™ products.
  • Environmentally friendly, the Spiders tubes are made of softened PE not emitting the chemical agents normally used for softening similar tubes made of other raw materials.


  • Recommended working pressure must match the pressures specified for all Spiders components.
  • Wherever there is more than one irrigation point it is recommended to use the Spiders with Arrow drippers as an end product in order unify the flow of each of the points.
  • Wherever the Spiders serves a single irrigation point, the Netafim™ spike can be used.
  • It is highly recommended not to design flows below 0.5 l/h per each irrigation point, namely, if a 2 l/h “mother” dripper is used, no more than 4 irrigation points should be designed. If 1.2l/h “mother” dripper is used, no more than 2 irrigation points should be designed. This applies to all other flow models.