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Netafim™ offers a comprehensive crop monitoring solution enabling growers to achieve better and higher yields asrsens 1
well as cut resource usage and costs. The solution is based on the combination of an innovative system and industry leading
agricultural know-how and experience accrued over Netafim's 45-plus years of existence.

Cutting-Edge System

  • Wide range of sensors
  • Reliable wireless communications based on advanced radio technology
  • Sophisticated, user-friendly monitoring software

Monitoring Solution Highlights

Anywhere, anytime connectivity
Includes an advanced radio system to complement Internet and cellular communications

Comprehensive, real-time in-field monitoring
Monitors all soil, weather, crop, environmental and hydraulic conditions to create an up-to-date situation picture

Broad array of sensors
Features an extensive array of sensors to take into account the specific irrigation needs of each plant

End-to-end data/know-how integration
Integrates in-field information with farming know-how to enable knowledge sharing among technicians, engineers, agronomists and growers.
All data is displayed in the uManage Web interface & uManage mobile applications.