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Ünvan: Azərbaycan Respublikası, Bakı şəhəri, AZ1063, Qaradağ rayonu, Xocasən yolu 57 - AS METAL SATIŞ BAZA


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The FertiOne™ offers a Nutrigation™ solution for injection of a single fertilizer in open field sites fitted with electricity.

It is a plug-and-play, fully configurable, simple-to-operate single-channel fertilizer/acid dosing unit.

It ensures the highest efficiency with minimum investment, a highly cost-effective solution for Nutrigation™.

Built on a sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, the FertiOne™ can accommodate different types of dosing channels and a variety of single- or three-phase dosing boosters to suit the various needs of different sites.

It is available as a basic manual system or equipped with several controller options - for simple straightforward operation or for more advanced quantitative or proportional control, to meet a vast range of Nutrigation™ needs.


  • Modular Nutrigation™ system
  • Built around a standard platform
  • Requires minimal investment
  • Efficient water, fertilizer and energy consumption
  • Wide range of irrigation water capacities
  • Quantitative or proportional Nutrigation™ capabilities Almost completely maintenance-free Venturi operations - no moving parts
  • Highly accurate dosing channel
  • Manual or fully automated operations
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation systems
  • High-quality components and PVC pipe work
  • Aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame with adjustable legs


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Broad application coverage, including open fields, orchards, etc.
  • Highly profitable price/performance ratio
  • NMC and other controllers can be assembled on the FertiOne™ for advanced Nutrigation™ control.
  • A wide variety of accessories and peripherals can be integrated into the FertiOne™ to enhance its functions.
  • Made by Netafim™

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