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Ünvan: Azərbaycan Respublikası, Bakı şəhəri, AZ1063, Qaradağ rayonu, Xocasən yolu 57 - AS METAL SATIŞ BAZA


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The NMC Air is an advanced cloud based software, provides the customer the ability to access the NMC Irrigation Controller, to Operate and Monitor the farm, from anywhere at anytime.

Product Highlight & Benefits:

  • Cloud base software\
  • Real-time in-field operation - Check your Crop in glance
  • Access and operate the farm from anywhere at anytime
  • High End User Experience – Simple & Fun

Main Features:

- Get farm status and check active irrigation and dosing performance in a single view

- Get Alarms and Notifications to your mobile, PC and Tablet.

- Manually Operate your NMC Irrigation Controller:

  • Pause and Resume Irrigation
  • Start or Stop irrigation program
  • Start or Stop irrigation valve
  • Start or Stop Filter Flushing

- View & Create Graphs for continues monitoring of the farm

- Edit & Create NMC Irrigation Strategy:

  • Edit Irrigation, Dosing and Water Run
  • Time programs
  • Edit Filter Flushing program
  • Edit Misting & Cooling program

- Get NMC History for analyzing farms data:

  • Sensor Log
  • Irrigation Log
  • Uncompleted irrigation & Uncompleted programs

Netafim NMC Air