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PC Spray Stakes

 1997 5762Applications:

For all mini-spray nurseries and greenhouses applications.


  • High flow rates to supply correct irrigation in large pots/growing bags.
  • PC spray stake is ideal for any application in which a soil wetting mini spray pattern is desired.
  • PC spray stake is manufactured with UV resistant resin to provide years of trouble-free service in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Easy of use, pre assembly. components, excellen performance.

Features and Benefits:  

  • Pressure compensated flow ensuring constant flow rate at varying inlet pressures.
  • Ensures uniform water and nutrient distribution during irrigation.
  • Allows the installation of spray stake systems in areas with steeper slopes.
  • 2 spray patterns adaptable to suit every substrate surface or container.
  • Uniform wetting pattern over the entire surface.
  • Horizontal connection.
  • Water flow blockage mechanism to function when a pot is sold and/ or shifted from position to prevent water and fertilizer loss.