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Dosing system - quick selection guide

A dosing unit serves Nutrigation™ and chemigation:


The most effective way to increase the yield and quality of a crop is by feeding the plant according to its specific, ever-changing needs. This means delivering the right amount of water and nutrient at the right time. Nutrigation™ refers to injection of nutrients for the plant.

Nutrigation™ is comprised of three stages:

  • Dissolving soluble fertilizers (if required).
  • Injecting nutrients according to the desired dosing ratios.
  • Delivering the precise quantity of nutrients to the plant's root zone.


Chemigation refers to injection of chemicals to prevent or reduce dripper clogging (addition of chlorine, hydrogen-peroxide, acid or others), and the injection of chemicals for crop and soil concerns (herbicides, pesticides and others). Because the water passages in drippers are relatively small, they can be clogged; therefore, along with filtration, the capability to inject chemicals for dripper clogging control is an important feature.

Benefits of Nutrigation™ and/or chemigation:

  • Uniform and timely application of nutrients and chemicals
  • Reduced soil compaction due to reduced traffic in fields
  • Reduced labor requirements, reduced exposure to chemicals
  • Reduced environmental contamination.

The design of a chemical injection system involves the selection of injector type and capacity. If the injection system is to be used for Nutrigation™, the injection unit is sized for this use since injection rates for nutrients are usually much higher than injection rates for chemicals such as liquid chlorine or acid.

Any components coming in contact with nutrients, chlorine, or acid should be resistant to corrosion. Some countries require specific types of injectors for agrochemicals. Always follow local laws and chemical labeling requirements.

Nutrients and chemicals may be injected into pressurized drip systems via a variety of methods:

Netafim™ offers a comprehensive array of dosing systems to ensure precise nutrient delivery for any crop, plot size and application.

Select the appropriate dosing unit: